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Where to Use Vertical Blinds

There are generally just a few main groups of window coverings in popular use in the UK, namely curtains, blinds and shutters. Every home and business however has different uses for different rooms, and although there are some standard window sizes, there are potentially lots of different window sizes. Made to measure window coverings of different kinds are however relatively affordable and commonplace today – this goes for all the window covering groups mentioned. Are there however situations where vertical blinds would be particularly suitable?

Vertical Blinds

Standard sizes of vertical blinds tend to range from 12 inches or 30cm in width to 200 inches or 600 cm in width. In terms of length or ‘drop’ standard sizes range from 8 inches or 20 cm to 96 inches or 254 cm. Outside of these sizes vertical blinds can be custom made. Within reason then, vertical blinds can potentially be used on any windows. Vertical blind slats however tend to have standard widths of 3.5 inches and 5 inches. On very narrow window spaces then it would seem that vertical blinds could be less practical and a little more complicated than other window coverings such as roller blinds or curtains. The width of the vertical blind slats means that from a purely functional point of view a vertical blind will perform better where it can be set back from the glass by at least 3.5 inches. This could make the idea of fitting vertical blinds inside shallow or particularly small window recess a little impractical. Also, there needs to be an allowance for the fitting of the head rail of the vertical blinds, and very small windows may make this a little impractical and awkward.

By looking at the main strengths therefore of vertical blinds it may be possible to get a better idea of where best to use them. When in the fully open position, vertical blind slats are spread out regularly across the window. The slats in this case are essentially side on to anybody looking out from the house. Since blind slats are essentially strips of fabric with weights in the end, when side on the slats give an almost uninterrupted view outside, and allow light in through a very large area of the window. For this and other reasons vertical blinds often work particularly well in the main living room and bedroom windows. Vertical blinds slats can be angled to let just the right amount of light in, allow a clear view out, but maintain household privacy by obscuring the view into the room by just the right amount. Vertical blinds also work very well on patio doors or in conservatories.

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