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Why Choose Vertical Blinds for the Home?

With all the windows in your home you are faced with the choice of which soft furnishings and décor items you will use to cover the windows e.g. at night, to shut out light, or for privacy. While curtains are an obvious choice they aren’t always the best in terms of price, ease on installation, ease of use, maintenance or and replacement.

The ‘Drawbacks’ of Curtains

There are actually more considerations that you think when putting up and using curtains. The measurements need to be right, and since curtains are usually folded to an extent in terms of width, you will need to allow for this in your width measurements. Also, the drop (the height) needs to be accurately calculated for the curtains to look right. The material e.g. the weight, thickness and type of the material will also determine how good the curtains look and how they operate. Also the curtain pole needs to be the right type, length, strength and distance from the wall. One side of the curtains, even when they pulled back, is still exposed to the light and therefore is prone to fading and discolouration. The act of closing and opening the curtains for most people involves handling them. This makes the curtains dirty. Also as they are fabric it is difficult to remove dust from curtains, and they tend to harbour odours.

The Advantages of Vertical Blinds

The fixings for vertical blinds, like curtain poles, are easy install, but as well as being fixed to the wall or window frame, vertical blind brackets can be fixed to the ceiling. This means that blinds can be installed in all manner of situations e.g. where space is limited.

The head rails, fixings and brackets for vertical blinds come in different colours e.g. brown and white. This means that they can be better matched to the colour of the blinds and the design / colour scheme of the room.

Vertical blinds can often be simpler to open and close than curtains. A single wand control to the side of the blind means that closing them is physically quick and easy. Also, there is no need to touch the blinds themselves, so there are fewer opportunities to make them dirty.

Vertical blinds are made up of many individual slats. This means that cleaning can be done gradually, regularly and easily. Whereas you would have to take at least one of the curtains down to clean it properly thus affecting your privacy, with blinds you can clean and replace one or only a few slats at a time. This makes the whole process more manageable and practical.

If slats are discoloured or damaged, it’s just a case of replacing the individual slats relatively cheaply – this would not be the case with curtains.

Changing the colours in your room and / or design theme can mean buying new curtains which can be very expensive. With vertical blinds on the other hand, it’s simply a case of replacing the slats and not the fittings. This can save a lot of money and hassle.

For more information about the advantages of vertical blinds, call 01604 671189, or contact Blind Corner online.


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