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Vertical Blinds for Your Home Study

Vertical blinds are widely popular in office and commercial buildings where their sleek, straight lines lend themselves to a professional look in any office while performing the basic functions of shading and protection. When considering window treatments for your home office or study you may also be looking for an ‘unfussy’ tailored alternative too. Indeed, if you merely want to screen off an area of a room to use as a study, vertical blinds can be mounted onto a tall frame to create a room divider.

At the study window/s vertical blinds can act as a security measure for all the expensive electronic items that people tend to keep in a study such as a computer, blackberry, scanner and printer. The adjustable vanes can be slanted at an angle where passers-by cannot see into the room and, therefore, provide privacy whilst working as well as security when no-one is at home.

Obviously privacy and security are key considerations when choosing window treatment for your study but another equally important consideration is to ensure that there is the correct amount of light coming into the room to provide optimum working conditions. Adjusting the vanes on the vertical blind to control light is a simple operation and the light can be angled towards or away from the room occupant. Anyone who has tried to use a computer screen in bright light will understand the importance of this option to enable the computer-user to continue working without hindrance and in ambient conditions. Some researchers claim that being able to control the amount of light can also reduce the potential for eyestrain and headaches.

A further consideration in the study environment is that of temperature and, when angled to control the amount of sunlight entering the room, the vertical blind also acts to control the room temperature – lower when angled or closed and higher when fully open. On a hot day this function can make a significant difference to the working environment.
So with the vertical blind providing style, security and privacy as well as offering the easy control of temperature and light ...... why choose any other type of blind for your study?

For more information about choosing the right vertical blind company for you, call 01604 671189, or contact Blind Corner online.


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