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Vertical Blind Slats

Extra vertical blind slats will give you the ability to change the ambience of a room in a few minutes from a muted to a bold statement. Spare vertical blind slats can also give you the means to change a room inexpensively from a family to a party atmosphere. Replacement vertical blind slats can also be used to show respect at more sombre times such as times of mourning when Black could be an option. Spare vertical blind slats could easily change the user friendly view of a bedroom from male (Blue) to say female (Pink) for example.

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Vertical blind benefits:

  • Angle the louvres for daytime privacy and light transmission
  • Close the louvres completely for night time privacy.
  • Draw the blinds back to one (or both sides), to open the window space.
  • Blackout Vertical blinds provide excellent privacy to sensitive rooms such as bedrooms and lounge areas.
  • Different interchangeable materials are available which allow the look to be changed without buying a complete new blind.
  • Excellent for larger windows
  • Slats are available in cream, white, blue and green with either a plain or texture finish.
  • Available with curved top tracks to suit most bay windows.
  • Self-aligning runners ensure that louvres always angle in the same direction.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Vertical blinds offer the same level of privacy as net curtains, plus the option of ensuring nobody can see in at night time.

Bracket Options:

Top fix spring clips (supplied as standard)
This bracket takes one screw, and must be top fixed into the ceiling or window recess. It is virtually invisible, and has a quick release mechanism for simple removal of the tracking. It can be mounted with either a no.6 or no.8 screw.

Plastic face fixing bracket
100mm – This is the standard face fixing bracket. It can be wall mounted, and will project the blind forward enough to allow the louvres rotate freely.
115mm – This bracket is the same as the standard, but projects 15mm more, and is used mainly in situations where it is necessary to clear window handles (i.e.- in conservatories) to allow the louvres to rotate.

Shallow fix face fix bracket
Available in two sizes, this bracket will allow a fixing to a thin framework or area where there is limited space. It is not used very often, other than for special applications.



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