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Vertical Blind Choices

The concept and operation of vertical blinds is quire easy to understand. A series of vertical slats hang in a line from and the operating mechanism and draws means that they can be angled around 180 degrees. In this way the slats can exactly control the amount of light coming in from the outside, and maintain the level of privacy inside the home. Vertical blinds can be fitted inside or outside the window recess. If you’re considering buying vertical blinds online, what expectations should you have of a good manufacturer / supplier?

A good vertical blind supplier will be able to offer a range of standard sizes as well as completely custom made options. The kinds of standard sizes you could hope to find from a good supplier include blinds ranging from a width of 12 inches to a width of 200 inches. A good range of drop measurements could range from as little as 8 inches to as much as 96 inches.

A choice of different coloured head rails is a good sign. This will give you more scope in terms of buying blinds that fit in more effectively with your chosen design themes. A choice of white or dark brown head rails seem to provide a good match to the different fabric colour options available. High quality blinds companies offer a very wide range of fabrics for the blind slats to be made from. For example 300 to 400 types would be a range that offered you a high degree of choice.

On high quality vertical blinds the slats hang tidily down because they have a fabric covered weight in the bottom of each one which is designed to be just right to maintain the correct shape and drop. The shape, form and operation of the good vertical blinds can be enhanced by having dual rather than single chain linked slats.

You could also expect high quality vertical blind slats to be made even more durable by the fact they have been sewn rather than glued. Another sign of a high quality blind company is the fact that they can offer you several choices of draw.

For more information about vertical blinds, call 01604 671189, or contact Blind Corner online.


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