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When it's Time for a Room Makeover

Every one of us gets a little used to and tired of our surroundings once in a while. As with clothing fashions and many other elements of culture, the changes are often small and imperceptible but after the passage of time we will suddenly notice that our room decoration doesn’t look ‘up to date’. This is likely to be because of a combination of changes in a variety of different aspects of the room. For example there may be general shift towards lighter colours and fewer patterns. Also the style of the furniture in the room may start to look a little behind the times. Flooring and carpets are also subject to changes in style and preference. For example in recent years there has been a move away from rooms being fully carpeted to rooms having whole floor areas of laminate flooring with rugs strategically placed.

There has also been a move away from a single light source in the centre of the room with one incandescent bulb towards the use of many different types, styles, and designs of contemporary light fittings and lamps.

The family television is a prime example of a change in design in recent years. The deep and wide, small television sets with curved glass screens of the analogue era have been replaces by large, flat screened digital TVs.

It is now commonplace for windows in the home to be double glazed and white PVC framed. Where window coverings are concerned there has also been a move away from heavy curtains toward much lighter and more convenient options such as light curtains or blinds. Vertical blinds are now a popular choice for the modern home. Vertical blinds give elegant, clean lines to the window area. The 3.5” or 5” vertical blind slats are available in some 400 different colours and a wide variety of finishes. This gives a huge degree of adaptability and scope in terms of choosing blinds which will fit in perfectly with modern room makeover. Vertical blinds allow plenty of natural light into the room and can be a key component of a contemporary room makeover.

For more information about vertical blinds, call 01604 671189, or contact Blind Corner online.


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