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How to Measure the Window for an Inside Mount Blind

As with all good home improvement work, it all starts with accurate measurements. So often people have been disappointed when that dream sofa they’ve bought doesn’t even fit through the door or up the stairs to their flat. The home décor roadside lies littered with curtains with the wrong drop and carpet remnants that don’t quite cover the floor area. How to fit blinds accurately rests firstly on getting the right measurements. This involves firstly deciding whether for example, the vertical blinds are going to rest inside or on the outside of the recess.

Most windows in your home are unlikely to be flush with the inner walls, but are likely to be more in line with the outside wall, hence there is a recess. Usually there is an inner recessed ledge covered with a window board. In most homes this is used for vases of flowers and ornaments, and often as a place to make a small collection of items that don’t really belong anywhere else.

Having your vertical blinds inside the recess can still allow you to use the space on the window board, whereas fitting the blinds outside the recess will cover the whole window board and window recess area completely.

Measuring for vertical blinds that are inside the window recess i.e. an inside mount vertical blind, involves making sure you have a pen and paper to write record the measurements. You will also need a good, preferably steel tape measure, and if the height of the window recess is a challenge, you will need a step ladder. Since most rooms, windows and walls aren’t strictly level or uniform in shape, you’ll need to take 3 measurements across the inside of the window recess to get the right width for the blind – one across the top of the recess, one across the middle, and one at the bottom of the recess. The shortest of the 3 measurements should therefore be the one to go with. Similarly, to get the right height for the vertical blind, take 3 measurements – one from the top left to the bottom left, one from the top middle to the bottom middle, and one from the top right to the bottom right. Once again, the shortest figure is the one to go with.

It’s important to remember that blinds have mountings of some kind to attach them to the wall, so if you want your inside mount vertical blind to be flush with the wall, you’ll need to make sure that there’s enough recess space for the blind mounting; it’s best to ask the vertical blind manufacturer in this case.

If you would like to know more about inside mount vertical blinds, call 01604 671189, or contact Blind Corner online.


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