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Keeping the Living Room Warm

The warmth generated and maintained in a living room is likely to be a result of several factors working together, and in the winter and autumn months in the UK, attention is often sharply focused on these factors.

The most obvious area to concentrate on is the source of heat in the room. This could be an open fire, solid fuel burning stove, electric fire, gas fire, the central heating, under floor heating, or a combination of sources. Once the heat has been generated, insulation is likely to keep the heat in the room for longer. The insulating properties of the living room can be achieved and enhanced by a number of things. These could include carpets, draft excluders on doors and windows, multi layered glazing, and the presence of other substantial soft furnishings. Traditional areas for losing heat from rooms are through the door and window areas.

Thick curtains e.g. lined curtains made of thick insulating material can be one way of retaining heat, but they are not the most practical modern window covering available for number of reasons e.g. they are difficult and time consuming to clean, and can let less natural light into the room than other window covering alternatives.

Vertical blinds for example are extremely practical, flexible and relatively economical choices for window coverings. Most of us may imagine that vertical blind slats don’t have great insulating properties. The fact is however, vertical blind slats can be made from a wide variety of different materials. PVC backed vertical blinds for example can be very effective at keeping plenty of heat in the living room. When they are in the fully closed position, side to side they make a formidable barrier to heat escaping. The PVC backing also makes the vertical blind slats strong and durable. PVC backed vertical blinds still however remain a very economical solution to heat loss problems around the window area.

For more information about choosing vertical blinds, call 01604 671189, or contact Blind Corner online.


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