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How to Repair Vertical Blinds

There are so many reasons for why blinds can be broken from cats climbing up them, children hanging on to them to plain old wear and tear. It is always wise to purchase good blinds in the first place i.e. blinds which have been sown and not glued.

Sending blinds off to be repaired however could be both expensive and time consuming (depending on which company you send them to) as the whole blind would need to be taken down to be sent off.

There are certain things however which can easily be repaired at little cost. If you purchased your blinds made to order, it is usually simple to order new blind slats from the original manufacturer, if this is what is required. If you have purchased a ready made blind, you may even find that a made to order blind manufacturer has the same material and colour and can replace your slat.

Replacing Blind Slats

Replacing these is quite simple. The slats themselves are usually on a hook at the top but if the slat breaks off from the main head rail, you can purchase vertical blind clips. These clips are made of durable metal, and they can re-attach either a curved or a straight slat. The vertical blind clips are slid over the end of the slat and then pressed together onto the slat. Then, to re-hang the slat, turn it so it is in the same direction as the slats that are already hung on the header. Grab the top of it, and place the top of the slat into the header, then pull it down gently to secure it into place.

If the blinds are made of plastic or metal, you'll need to feed the spacing chain back through the hole in the repaired slat. To ensure you maintain the proper spacing, cut a piece of cardboard to the appropriate length, using the existing spacing as a guide. Use the cardboard to measure the distance between slats, then feed the chain through the rest of the slats that are beside it clear through to the end.

Slat Weight Replacement

Sometimes, a fabric slat can lose its weighted insert. It needs the weight to keep the fabric slat from curling up in the same way that curtains have weights sewn in the hem. These weights can be purchased and can be easily replaced. Simply slide the new weight fully into the fabric pocket then, then clip the chain to it.

Problems With the Cord

Should your cord wear thin or break, this is still an easy job to carry out. However, there are many combinations for the cord which are dictated by the manner in which your vertical blinds can be drawn. Therefore, it is usually advisable to refer back to the manufacturer for their guidelines for replacements.

Sometimes it may be possible to shorten the cord to get over the problem. To do this, peer inside the headrail and locate the slat carrier where the cord is in a knot. Hold the carrier in place with your fingers and pull out the excess cord until the cord safety device is at the correct length. Make a secure knot in the end at that spot, and cut off excess string with scissors. Operate the blinds to make sure the cord works correctly.

Chain Not Working Properly

If the chain is difficult to operate, remove the end control cap. There should be a pulley with a metal rod in the middle and a round washer with a jagged hole in the centre. Sometimes it is a simple as tapping the rod lightly to loosen it and then the chain should operate properly. It may be well at this time to lubricate with WD40 or something similar.

For more information about choosing repairing vertical blinds, call 01604 671189, or contact Blind Corner online.


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