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How to Clean Vertical Blinds

As with all furnishings, routine cleaning and maintenance of vertical blinds is important. If the blinds become heavily soiled, the cleaning process will be much more difficult and time-consuming. Blinds as per curtains and carpets will attract dust, smoke and grease which can build up quite quickly.

If you have inherited the blinds with a house purchase for instance, the blinds will probably be soiled already and you will be surprised at the difference a clean will make to the colour, the appearance, and the smell.

Although it is possible to clean blinds while they are still hanging, this can be very messy and you will need to protect the flooring and may need to clean the window afterwards. Therefore it is simpler and less time consuming to remove the slats. This is not difficult, although it does require some time and attention. You will have to take each slat off of its hook, and then disconnect each from the chain at the bottom. Fabric slats may have a weight in a pocket at the bottom of the slat and this should be removed before cleaning.

It is necessary to first dust them either with a duster or vacuum cleaner, depending on the material. Next sponge down with soapy water and then rinse with clean water taking care to not bend them; a bath can be a good place to do this. Do not dry in a tumble dryer but over a washing line. With wood, aluminium etc, a soft absorbent dry cloth should be used. Material blinds can also be dried with a towel if necessary. Once they are dry, material blinds can be lightly steamed to get out any creases. Some material blinds can be washed in a washing machine, but first check with the manufacturer and ensure this is carried out on a low heat and slow spin cycle. If you have stains you may need to spot clean with a small brush or cloth. This can also be done whilst the blinds are hanging.

If you have purchased new blinds, it is a good idea to get into a routine of regular cleaning. Although vertical blinds do not show dust as much as horizontal blinds, they should be dusted regularly with a feather duster or vacuumed. It is possible to buy a special attachment for the vacuum made especially for vertical blinds. It resembles a thick fork and fits most vacuum hoses. The attachment fits between two slats and cleans as it slides down the length of the blinds. Used frequently, the attachment will keep your blinds dust-free. If this is done regularly, it will reduce the need to remove the slats to give a full clean to perhaps once per year.

Be aware that if you have an open fire, smoke etc, even if the blinds are in a different room, both the smell and the dust created will be absorbed by the blinds and as a consequence, they will require a greater level of cleaning to keep them in tip top condition.

For more information about choosing cleaning vertical blinds, call 01604 671189, or contact Blind Corner online.


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