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Decorating Style Profiles and Window Blinds

When choosing window blinds they should be something that fit in well with your existing design themes and ideas rather than clashing with them. Take some time to study exactly what the style of your room is before making a firm choice.

Home decorating styles are as different as the decorators themselves. Below are various styles and the profiles and colours that are associated with them. These may provide some guidance in choosing your vertical window blinds.

  • Victorian style is characterized by rich brocades and velvets especially for their window treatments with mauves, burgundies, rich blues and greens being the dominant colours.
  • For the Country style wood and cotton fabrics for the window treatments will augment well. The French country style, there is generally a mix of the elegant and the rustic. Colours of faded or whitewashed wood, blue, pink and yellow small prints and flowered fabrics work well with this style.
  • A Cottage Country decorating style incorporates an interesting variety of pastel colours such as mauve, pinks, pale greens, peaches and blues in a floral or fruit patterned fabrics. To bring out the cottage country feel, lightly covered fabric window blinds will be the answer.
  • Contemporary decorators tend towards bold and bright patterns against lightly coloured backgrounds. Teals and deep purple complimented by abstracts and vinyl do the trick for the window blinds.
  • When it comes to the eclectic style, you have the leeway to choose your favourite colour irrespective of the many colours that may be in the room.
  • Art Deco design style based on the designs of the 20’s, 30s and early 40’s has vibrant colours such as neon, chrome and is often coupled with metal furnishings.
  • When decorating in a Rustic style, red, green and black are used for their association with trees.
  • The light and fanciful Whimsical style is dominated by bright colours and unusual patterns, therefore fabric window blinds will fit in well.
  • Traditional style decor tends towards greys, off white and beige together with dark blues, greens and burgundy.
  • Colours such as terracotta, warm yellows and other earth tones are typical of the Mediterranean home decorating style.
    Modern-futurist decorating style will tends towards aluminum window blinds for the high tech look. You could also choose faux-wood blinds basic and cool main colours interspersed with splashes of bright colours.
  • If you are a home owner with an oriental touch, you have to pick light window blinds so that the oriental décor indoors stands out.
  • Oriental style contrasts the Spanish style where bold colours such as red, orange and gold stand out. For the Southwestern home decorating style bold colours such as orange, burgundy, purple, brown and bright turquoise will give the desert-look you are trying to achieve. Mahogany wood with brass inlays window blinds will give a Classical home touch.

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