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Choosing a Company to Make Your Vertical Blinds

Once you’ve decided that vertical blinds are the right choice for your home or office setting, you then need to choose vertical blind manufacturer that can give you the choice, quality, and level of service you are looking for. Even though it’s easy to change and replace the individual slats that make up a vertical blind, it’s still important to get things right first time. So what are the characteristics of a high quality vertical blind company?

Choice is something that a good blind company should be able to offer you. Being able to choose from a wide range of colours and fabrics can help you find the blinds that best suit your vision for your office or home interior design scheme. Some high quality vertical blind makers can also offer some washable blind slats, preferably in several colours. This could save you money over time, and make maintenance and cleaning much easier. Good vertical blind manufacturers also provide choice in terms of draw options for the blinds. They also provide a choice of colours for the head rails and fixing brackets e.g. white and dark brown. This will minimise the need to compromise the aesthetics of the vertical blinds.

Providing all the correct number and type of necessary fixing brackets and face fix, screws and wall plugs can save you a lot of trouble when it comes to putting the blind up. Often if you purchase a ready made, more standard sized blind from a DIY store, you run the risk of having too few screws or fittings.

Better made vertical blinds have well covered bottom weights (fabric covered) and give dual chain linked slats. Better quality slats should also be sewn at the top and bottom rather than just glued. This will make them more durable.

Being able to provide blinds that go up to large sizes may be an important factor for you, as may be the speed of delivery.

Recent testimonials e.g. on a website, are a good way of gauging the level of service that you can expect from a vertical blind manufacturer, and it is often the sign of a good company if they have many of these.

For more information about choosing the right vertical blind company for you, call 01604 671189, or contact Blind Corner online.


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