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Making Sure You Buy the Right Blinds

Deciding on buying blinds per se is just the first step in enhancing the look and feel of your rooms. Window coverings such as wooden shutters can be prohibitively expensive and can take a long time to be delivered and fitted since many of them are made overseas. Curtains can sometimes be hard to find in the right size let alone the right colour, pattern or texture. Curtains can also work out to be relatively expensive, particularly if they are custom made, lined, or have a blackout backing to them. Blinds are widely available, are flexible in their applications, are easy to install and operate, and they look good for a long time. How can you be sure therefore that you’re buying the right blinds?

Choosing Your Blind Company and Your Blinds

Finding a good blind company can be the best way to get reliable helpful guidance on what blinds to buy. A high quality blind company will feature advice on their website e.g. about how to measure for blinds in the first place. Being able to call a blind company may save a lot of trouble in researching the possibilities for your interior design. They may be able to advise you what type / style, colour, and fabric are best for what window or what room. If a blind company can show you recent testimonials e.g. on the website, this may be a good way of allowing you to gauge the level of service and product quality that that you are likely to get.

Knowledge of the different types of blinds available and how they operate may also help to guide your choice. Roller blinds are pulled down from a roller fixed above the window. Roman blinds are folded and pleated horizontally at the top of the window and are also pulled down. Horizontal and vertical blinds consist of slats suspended from a head rail fixed above the window. The blind mechanism allows the slats to be angled in any position from fully closed to fully open. Vertical blinds tend to have wider slats than horizontal blinds and can therefore look less cluttered. The clean, vertical lines they provide can make rooms seem taller and give the room a greater feeling of space. Since the blind slats hang vertically, they are less likely to have dust settle upon them than horizontal blinds, and therefore require less cleaning.

For more information about vertical blinds, call 01604 671189, or contact Blind Corner online.


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