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Blinds for Tilt and Turn Windows

Having tilt and turn windows in your home or workplace can provide a headache when it comes to deciding how to fit window covering for these areas. Would blinds work best in this situation?

If you have experienced this scenario you would be well aware that the main difficulty is finding a covering that will allow you to open and close your window without causing any obstructions by jamming the covering itself!

Usually with blinds you would normally have two options, the most effective of which being to fix the blinds to the frame of the window instead of the recess, this allows you to open and close the window, the blinds moving with the window. However, there is still a problem because if the blinds are not secured to the bottom of the frame they will always hang completely vertical, even if your window is tilted open.

Option number two would be to fit the blinds to the recess as you would with a normal window, unfortunately in this case if you did this you may not be able to open the window because the blinds would collide with the window, leading you back to square one.

However, there is a solution which can overcome to two scenarios covered above and would not involve drilling holes. By using ‘Perfect Fit’ blinds your tilt and turn window headache would be over. Perfect fit blinds clip to the window frame so it literally becomes part of the window. Therefore, when you open or tilt the window, the blinds will simply move with it.

This simple but effective solution allows you to have your window open or closed and your blinds will remain fully functional.

Perfect fit blinds come in a variety of designs including; roller, pleated, wooden Venetian and aluminium Venetian blind types.

For more information about choosing the right vertical blind company for you, call 01604 671189, or contact Blind Corner online.


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