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Blinds and 21st Century Interior Design

Modern interior design by professional or for the DIY mass market provides more choice than ever before. The patterns of the 70s gave way to the bold colours of the 80s, and the more subtle design themes of the 90s. The beginning of the 21st century saw UK house prices soar to a level that encouraged a less personal design stamp on the home and the view that houses were a realistic way of investing and saving for the future by most ordinary people. Magnolia, white and laminate flooring therefore became king as houses and flats became blank canvasses for buyers to stamp their own identity on by what they put into the home. Now, where there are fewer buyers than there are sellers in the housing market, making the most of what you have has led to and exciting ‘anything goes’ time for interior design. The flexibility, low price, ease of installation and uses, and the clean, neat lines provided by blinds have made them an essential feature of interior design in the 21st century. Blinds can be part of the designer’s arsenal for creating a feeling of light and space in a room. Light coloured roller blinds, horizontal blinds and particularly vertical blinds can all add to this positive effect.

The wide range of fabrics available e.g. 100 or so fabrics for vertical blinds in 8 colours means that blinds don’t have to be plain white to enhance the room. Vertical blind slats can be colour co-ordinated with other accent colours as part of an overall design them to a room. Different types of fabric can add yet another dimension the contribution of vertical blinds to the overall look and feel of the room. Head rails for vertical blinds are available in white and dark brown so even these to an extent can integrate with the design theme.

As papers, paints, floor coverings, and lighting are now widely available and relatively inexpensive, re-designs of rooms are now more frequent. Vertical blind slats are easily detachable and can be cheaply replaced with other slats in the new design colours thus making vertical blinds a better long term investment for design in the home.

For more information about vertical blinds, call 01604 671189, or contact Blind Corner online.


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