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Vertical Blinds in the Contemporary Living Room

As the name suggests this is traditionally the main communal daytime room of the house. Often it is situated at the front near the main front door, and provides a view onto the main street / drive / land / beach outside. Since so many of your waking hours are spent in that room it’s often given extra thought, planning and investment when it comes to decorating, fixtures and fittings.

Contemporary living room designs often work to create a feeling of light, and space, and allow the visual focus to rest upon a select group of colours, items and accents. In order to create a truly spacious feeling, lighter colours are often used on walls, and extensive use of patterns is generally avoided. The same simple approach is often taken with flooring / floor coverings in contemporary living rooms. When it comes to windows, to create a feeling of light and space inside it’s often important minimise the perceived boundary between the outside and the inside, and to avoid focusing the attention on the window coverings themselves. Vertical blinds work particularly well in a contemporary setting, and particularly if the slats are light coloured with minimal patterns. When the slats are turned open so that they are at right angle to the room it’s really only the tiny width of the slats that are visible from inside the room. Unlike curtains, vertical blinds don’t require anything to be bunched at the sides of the window so they don’t present an untidy distraction or area of the window which could gather dirt and dust.

Vertical blind slats are available in an extremely wide range of colours and finishes so they could integrate with the lighter shades of a contemporary room design, or they could take on the accent colour of the decoration theme thus making them a bold yet harmonious feature.

Larger window spaces e.g. sliding or large tilt and turn doors are often associated with contemporary room designs. Vertical blinds can be made to measure to fit any width and height, and the fact that the slats hang vertically maintains a perception of height and within the room as the eye moves up and down them. In fact vertical blinds are better suited to these larger window spaces since the slats are relatively wide compared to horizontal blind slats, and thus look a little less busy.

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