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Blinds at the Back of the Property

We often think of the living room or main room, and the front bedrooms when it comes to planning a major change to the window coverings. This is probably because if our homes are in a town or in a typical town street layout then the front of the house is likely to be the part that most people notice either through passing it in the street outside or from a house opposite. It’s easy to forget therefore that in many cases there is an access route at the back of houses, and often there are the backs of houses in the next street facing the back of your house. In this case there is certainly a case for maintaining privacy in the home as well as making the outside of the house look relatively tidy.

Typically the back of houses are also areas where conservatories are built as people like to feel more in touch with the outside world and their gardens while adding an extra room (and more value) to their homes. Conservatories are obviously mostly glass, and therefore there is a need for covering the glass areas e.g. at night, and perhaps obscuring views into the home via the conservatory during the day. Vertical blinds provide a perfect solution for both. Standard sized vertical blinds are typically made to quite large drops, and made to measure vertical blinds can easily cover non-standard sizes. Vertical blinds allow you to let large amounts of light into the conservatory whilst obscuring the view into the conservatory. This is because the blind slats can be angled perfectly for the conditions. Vertical blinds therefore allow you to enjoy the garden and observe wildlife in privacy. Closing the slats together ate night provides complete privacy, and PVC backed vertical blinds are particularly good at providing insulation from the cold and light.

The position of many peoples’ homes is such that they enjoy many hours of sunlight at the back of their homes and vertical blinds provide a great way to let the maximum light into the back part of the home when the slats are in open positions. The clean tidy lines provided by vertical blind slats aesthetically enhance the appearance of the back of the house.

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