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Blinds for Allergy Sufferers

If you or a member of your family suffers from an allergy such as hay fever or house dust, a major concern will be how to lessen the debilitating symptoms of these allergies in your home. There is an infinite amount of advice available about how you might furnish your home to help cut down on the dust and allergens collecting in key areas around your home. Advice includes regular vacuuming, damp dusting, changing carpets for wooden, vinyl or laminate floors and replacing curtains with blinds.

Whilst cleaning is important for everyone to maintain a comfortable and healthy home it is absolutely vital for people who suffer from allergies. The primary benefit of installing blinds manufactured from wood, metal or vinyl is that they are less likely to collect dust and trap allergens. Any dust that does collect can be easily removed with regular vacuuming and wiping with a clean damp cloth. Curtains would need to be regularly taken down for washing or dry cleaning whereas blinds can be cleaned in situ making them eminently more suitable for the allergy sufferers’ home.

Due to the nature of horizontal blinds dust does tend to settle more on the slats than on vertical vanes that frequently move in the slightest breeze. Vertical blinds can be a stylish option for allergy sufferers and offer many design options including vinyl, they have the added benefit of collecting very little dust although it is recommended that regular cleaning is still carried out including a quick vacuum of both sides of each vane.
If lowering the level of the problematic allergens in your home is high on your list of priorities, consider installing vertical blinds in place of your curtains throughout your home. Then necessary regular cleaning routines need not be a chore but can be simply and easily carried out around all those other important things in life.

For more information about choosing the right vertical blind company for you, call 01604 671189, or contact Blind Corner online.


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