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Vertical Blinds for the Bedroom

Curtains have traditionally been the window covering of choice for the bedroom, particularly those curtains which are capable of simply blocking out as much light as possible. The availability of high quality, low cost and low risk decorating materials, coupled with a generally better understanding of DIY and decorating among all sections of the population in recent years have helped to contribute to relatively frequent changes in the decoration of UK homes. The bedroom is one of the main areas where these changes are focused along with the kitchen, and of course the living room.

Since bedrooms are one of the most private spaces in the home they often reflect a great deal more of the real character and personal taste of the occupant of the home. The window area is often particularly prominent and important in bedrooms, and long thick curtains have traditionally been used. In more recent times however e.g. with the advent of blackout blinds, many different types of blind have been used in bedrooms, often in combination with curtains. Roller blinds, roman blinds and horizontal blinds have all proved popular as part of bedroom furnishings. All are available in a wide variety of colours to suit the bedroom design theme, and all can be custom made or even purchased in standard sizes from DIY stores.

Vertical blinds are ideal to have in the bedroom. PVC backed vertical blind slats for example can be extremely effective at blocking out light when the slats are in the fully closed position. The wide range of colours, patterns and textures available mean that vertical blinds can blend in beautifully with the design theme of any bedroom. They can be made to be virtually any size and can fit inside or outside the window recess. The clean straight vertical lines of vertical blinds look very tidy in a bedroom and can make the room feel bigger by making the ceiling seem higher.

The interior decoration of bedrooms is often changed, and since the blind slats from vertical blinds can easily be removed and replaced (or cleaned), there’s no need to buy a complete new blind every time there’s a change in colours / patterns etc. In some cases replacement blind slats can be purchased for less than £1.

For more information about choosing vertical blinds, call 01604 671189, or contact Blind Corner online.


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