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Vertical Blinds, Made to Measure

Made to measure vertical blinds are the perfect finishing touch to a conservatory. As a complete U.K. supplier of such you can be sure to receive both Quality and very prompt delivery which at present is 2/3 days from day order received. We are at the forefront in the supply of conservatory vertical blinds. Conservatory vertical blinds can be enhanced by the following replacements and spares:

  • Vertical vanes which are also known as a vertical strip or strips, vertical fabric, vertical material, vertical cloth and vertical slats.
  • The vertical blind vanes which are also known as a vertical blind strip or strips, vertical blind fabric, vertical blind material, vertical blind cloth and vertical blind slats.
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Replacements for a damaged blind or for an alternative colour can be asked for as :

  • Replacement vertical blind vanes which are also known as replacement vertical blind strip or strips, replacement vertical blind fabric, replacement vertical blind material, replacement vertical blind cloth and replacement vertical blind slats.


Other replacement parts which we can supply are :-

Vertical blind bottom weights
89mm (3.5") and 127mm (5") 10p each
Vertical blind bottom link chain 89mm (3.5") and 127mm (5") 5p per link
Vertical blind slat top hanger 89mm (3.5") and 127mm (5") 5p each
Vertical blind headrails 89mm (3.5") and 127mm (5") Price on application
Top or ceiling fix Brackets White or Brown 20p each
Face fix brackets 89mm (3.5") and 127mm (5") 40p each
Side control chains White or Metal 50p each
Replacement slats 89mm (3.5") and 127mm (5") 99p & £1.50 each
Cord weights White or brown 40p each

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